12.04.2018 07:13

Pillar You killed me with your words wrapped in love. You cut the grass from beneath my feet, chopped my ankles in one clean stroke. Your voice, relentless, never broke. You took me down in one fell sweep, like an uncanny master of an ancient art. I watched me fall one thousand feet, watched ground […]

18.03.2018 01:59

The discovery of Time She had discovered as a child that the present had no boundaries, that it could be replicated infinitely by will. She simply needed to isolate and focus on a “frame” of some action occurring in the moment, then step back and observe herself. She discovered to her deep discomfort and fascination […]


03.03.2018 10:35


Confessions of A Silenced Popsicle Thief* It was a white December evening in 2016. We were sitting at her kitchen table in a small town on the east coast. We were speaking in low tones, telling hushed stories that held us fast to the cold wooden seats of the stiff kitchen chairs. Outside, the deep […]


21.11.2017 9:25

Time Now her knees hurt when she walked down the hill to the city. They resisted like springs too tightly wound, rigid, yielding little to the demand of the steep downward slope. She looked down. The tight, supple skin around her knees looked softer, she thought. Hard knees, soft skin. Were those wrinkles? On her […]