July 1, 2018

01.07.2018 7:09

Rising The world had risen while she slept. Birds chatter excitedly, hidden in the dense green of the garden. Cars rush up and down the road behind the shade of the palm trees. Ground doves coo over the distant barking of dogs. A grass cutter whirs and buzzes somewhere beyond the tall grass that lines […]

02.11.2017 14:04

While she was sleeping The Wind now ceased her plaintive howling and whispered her goodbyes to the lifeless form at her feet. Silence stepped in her wake, idly unfolding his leaden cape. The Sun raised his head from behind the grey wall of the horizon and looked towards the Island. She lay dazed, a tattered […]


19.07.2007 11:33

On the bus to somewhere to pay a fine for a careless man Yesterday it rained and rained. A rain to quench the thirst of one thousand waiting open mouths. A rain to burst into ecstatic rhythms on dirty pavements and rusty rooftops. And then a rain that softly licks the stinging sores that she […]