You killed me
with your words
wrapped in love.
You cut the grass
from beneath my feet,
chopped my ankles
in one clean stroke.
Your voice, relentless,
never broke.
You took me down
in one fell sweep,
like an uncanny master
of an ancient art.
I watched me fall
one thousand feet,
watched ground
and space
and heaven meet.
Saw the ground
fall through the sky,
saw the sky fade
into nothing.
I looked up at you
from the bottom
of the river.
Dangerous mirage,
I could end you
if I just closed my eyes.

I am life.

Roots spring
in soft tendrils
from the base of my neck,
the back of my knees,
the soles of my feet.
I am upright,
My legs pillars,
my arms pillars,
my breasts pillars,
my roots reaching
to the centre of the Earth.

You look at me
from across the river,
a fire burning through
your tears.
Brave the current if you dare.