April 4, 2020

04.04.2020 23:38

Sama Today the sea is calm. A few choppy waves break the surface from time to time. They are white, their froth sharp and brisk. They peak against the shimmering line of the horizon, then collapse. She has lost track of how long she’s been standing here looking at the water. Her feet have been swallowed by the soft, […]

21.11.2017 9:25

Time Now her knees hurt when she walked down the hill to the city. They resisted like springs too tightly wound, rigid, yielding little to the demand of the steep downward slope. She looked down. The tight, supple skin around her knees looked softer, she thought. Hard knees, soft skin. Were those wrinkles? On her […]


26.07.2017 08:17

Journey’s End (The Other Side of Nowhere) The shroud of years past clutched in its fold Worn pleats of paths forever etched Sweet lines birthed from some delicate mould Now by Time’s hand craftily stretched To fight by day and kneel by night’s light Mourn lovers lost and offspring strayed To grasp at Time’s raised […]