April 7, 2021

05.04.2021 22:53

Birds without wings The fan hummed a constant stream of air against the white wall.     There it was again, that unsettling feeling of strangeness. The sensation of floating in the ether, of observing the body once occupied, filled with a sense of urgency that things were askew, that she was out of place. She […]

05.04.2021 8:55

Abstract image

On one end of a beige couch There it was again, the unsettling sensation of being a stranger in a place she had known for years. This feeling often came in the mornings as she was coming back from the place of dreams. As she floated to light beyond her eyes, she would feel her […]


25.05.2018 11:29

Dreams of tomato ketchup Both her parents had had noble intentions when they had left their island and their offspring. She was the sole fruit of their union but they had had others; her father had had two after her, her mother had had three before her and four after her, but the latter four […]