April 7, 2021

05.04.2021 22:53

Birds without wings The fan hummed a constant stream of air against the white wall.     There it was again, that unsettling feeling of strangeness. The sensation of floating in the ether, of observing the body once occupied, filled with a sense of urgency that things were askew, that she was out of place. She […]

25.08.2017 12:00

Into the unknown Here the sky is blue, the clouds are white, the trees between are green. Their branches sway, rocked by the familiar gentleness of the wind’s lullaby. A black bird drifts by on the soft breeze. He has flown through here yesterday, and every day before.  A dog barks in the distance at […]


02.04.2017 23:00

On a grey couch … Time had chafed my soul and left me toughened like cured leather. You brought me water and I watered my parched soul. And I felt the frightening strain of buds burgeoning, a distressing efflorescence unfolding in  undiscovered crevasses. This she said looking down at me as I lay beneath her.